Why did you come to us?

I went to HealthWise for cranial osteopathy, not realising that Andy is a concussion expert in the field of osteopathy.

How you were feeling? 

I realised I knew very little about concussion prior to my accident. Post accident I was hungry for information on how I could help my recovery. The brain is so important, it contains the very essence of our identity. I wasn’t sure how much of myself I had lost in the accident, and if and when I would feel like my old self. I felt very alone and fragile.

What did we offer?

Andy was incredibly reassuring. Talking to him about how I was feeling and coping helped significantly, especially in the early days. The actual treatment was amazing, too. Osteo feels like very little is happening during the treatment, but the gains after each treatment were significant.

How did you feel working with us / what did you gain?

In the early days, my brain felt like all the electrical sockets had been unplugged and I was struggling to plug them back in. As time went on, I began to notice I was improving, slowly but surely. A year after my accident I started to feel more like my old self. I’m not the most patient person and one thing I’ve had to accept is that it’s a slow process.

I think of my injured brain as a bit like a book shelf in an earthquake… my early recovery was all about repairing the broken book shelf and lately I feel like I’m restacking the books. But if I restack the books too quickly it can set my recovery back. Managing the fatigue, which is usually brought on by stress or too much social interaction in my case, has been my biggest challenge.

Would you recommend anyone else with a concussion coming?

Being treated by an osteo who’s a concussion expert has been hugely beneficial to my recovery. I can’t recommend Andy highly enough. Everyone with a brain injury should have access to this treatment.