Our Approach

Our Approach

Research backed approach

We provide much needed evidence based concussion management and treatment. Patients can rest assured that they are receiving the latest research backed guidance and help on their journey of recovery from concussion. We have a wide range of systems for testing cognitive, psychological and physiological function.

I studied the latest research as part of my training and as such use the latest research informed methods as well as a multi modal approach to assess what are the reasons behind people's symptoms. Importantly, we provide a programme that the patient does at home to help with progress.

CCMI is the world's largest database of concussion-related data and statistics. Additionally, all concussion-related scientific papers are studied and their findings disseminated to all CCMI clinics monthly, allowing practitioners to follow evidence-based best practice. 

How we test for concussion

At HeadWise we use testing for accurate diagnosis and digital technology to provide an up-to-date care package. We have a bespoke purpose built concussion studio with onsite testing equipment.

Baseline testing

We provide baseline testing for anyone who feels they are at an increased risk of sustaining a concussion. This consists of psycho-cognitive testing as well as physical tests such as measuring postural sway, reaction time and visual function. This means that consequently should an injury be sustained, we can re-run all the same tests again which means we can assess whether they are back to their original pre-injury levels. This means irrespective of what symptoms may or may not be present, we can with 100% accuracy diagnose whether a concussion has occurred and manage them safely.

In terms of return to play for contact sports especially, this is crucial in order that the sportsman/woman is not putting themselves at risk of a very dangerous second concussion before they have fully recovered from the first one. The big problem is that while the patient feels that they are fine and perhaps free of symptoms, this doesn’t mean their brain has fully recovered metabolically. This puts them at risk of ‘second impact’ syndrome where a person is at risk of irreversible brain damage.

Post-injury testing

If there's been an observed mechanism of injury and subsequent symptoms, it is likely a concussion has occurred. If we have already undertaken a pre-injury test, then a post-injury test will be done and a comparison made to establish if there is a physiological or neuro-cognitive deficit. 

If we do not have a pre-injury test to compare against, we will use a Vestibular / Oculomotor Screen (VOMS) in conjunction with a full neurological and cervical spine evaluation to establish if there's a deficit, and look to determine its cause. 

Digital technology

A great advantage we can offer people who have suffered a concussion, is the use of a concussion specific app which was developed by Complete Concussion Management. This offers so much help and advice from diet to sleep routines. It also has a fantastic functionality that allows the concussed athlete to be tracked as they complete the various stages on their way to resuming normal participation in sports, keeping all the interested parties in the loop with ‘real time’ alerts!

We support our patients with Telehealth follow ups as necessary so we can support people who may not be able to access our onsite clinic.