Simon Roots

Who We Are

Simon Roots

Osteopath & Concussion Care Practitioner

Simon has long held a fascination with concussion and the complexity at which it presents in clinical practice. As a practitioner of the Complete Concussion Management program, Simon has gained a deep and rich insight into the importance of time-efficient treatment and management.

The treatment of both acute and chronic concussion requires a multi-factored approach which, contrary to the old way of thinking, is not rest rest rest! The growing body of concussion research advocates that with correct treatment, physical or otherwise, and tailored advice, concussion symptoms can be markedly improved if not resolved- it just takes the right instruction to get there.

Simon takes a holistic view of concussion, understanding that each person's experience is unique and as such, requires a distinctly individualised treatment plan. With a Masters in Osteopathy and a Personal Training qualification, Simon values exercise as one of the cornerstones of concussion management. If you'd like to learn more, or even have a conversation about whether tailored concussion management is right for you, please give Simon a call.